FireSmart Community - AIB's Fire Mitigation Practices

Jul. 06, 2020

AIB is located in a semi-arid dessert like setting that is one of the driest climates in B.C. Natural grasslands surround the community in all directions for several kilometres. There are many deep ditches, and fence lines that accumulate tumbleweed, bunch grass, sage brush and weeds. Which puts us at a very high threat rating for wildfires.

Chief, Council and Administration are very proactive in our efforts to maintain our FireSmart Community status. Fire Mitigation efforts are a priority from Spring through to the Fall. 

We take the necessary steps to remove flammable fuels from homes, structures, fence lines, roadside and ditches within the community. We create new fire guards where needed and maintaining those already in place. 

Since the 2017 fire, we have been very successful at working towards regreening our community; thanks in part to funding provided by Tree Canada and partner Telus, we have been able to plant hundreds of shade and fruit trees throughout.

We continue to educate and encourage community members to be fire smart and do their part individually as well.