Social Development

Social Development

Social development is an important value for a meaningful future and a productive Community. It is about improving the well-being of every individual in our Community so they can reach their full potential. Investing in our members is integral to the Band’s go forward strategy.

The Band Office and Health Centre are equipped with computer stations for community members and affordable Wi-Fi is available on the reserve. The Health Centre is constantly introducing new workshops and learning programs to match community needs.

The Health Centre provides members with client-centered care through our Resiliency Manager Cheryl, who holds a degree in Social Work; which helps build resiliency within the Community.

The Band Office offers job counselling services to band members and helps with resume building and job search skills.

Access to education is also part of the Ashcroft Indian Band’s budget priorities. Up to $120,000 a year is available for post-secondary study anywhere in Canada. Some of our young people have studied or taken training abroad as well. There’s even funding support available for people who need to take their families with them while they’re attending college or university.

There is a large irrigated community garden, which has been a source of fresh vegetables for our members for several years. Gardening is not only a venture that feeds and rejuvenates the body but also one that nurtures the mind, bringing positive health effects.

Community gardens allows for the creation of social ties and builds a greater feeling of community. Planting, Harvesting and Preparing the food is an anticipated social event.


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